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  Rock Solid Ventures was formed by serious whitetail hunters and land managers to design and market high-quality products that fulfill a need within the hunting and land management industries. Our goal is to improve the success of whitetail hunters and land managers by providing them with well-built high-quality products that are easy to use and save valuable time. All of our products are made in the USA by skilled American workers. 

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Blind Buggy™


   For years deer hunters have been clamoring for a product that allows them to easily move their elevated hunting blinds from one location to another. Introducing the Blind Buggy™! Now you no longer have to be anchored to one spot when deer patterns change on your hunting land. Simply hook the Blind Buggy™ to your UTV, tractor or truck and go to where the action is. 

   The Blind Buggy™ can be used with any brand of enclosed blind or you can even build your own blind on the Blind Buggy™. 

The benefits of the Blind Buggy™ versus tower stands are obvious as your blind becomes mobile and thus easily moved to the exact spot needed for you to be successful during different times of the season. You can also pull your blinds from the field into a shed during the off-season to add years of life to them. Multiple Blind Buggies™ can be hitched together for transporting around your hunting property. 

(Hunting Blind not Included)



RSV Two-Way Sprayer

    The RSV Two-Way Sprayer is a real game-changer for food-plotters, wildlife land managers and hobby farmers who are short on time. This sprayer will mount to a tractor loader using the quick-attach system with either a Euro-mount or John Deere mount. The same sprayer can also be used in the back of a UTV without any modification whatsoever! 


RSV Mini Gravity-Wagon

    You have seen the big gravity-flow wagons used by farmers to haul their grain in from the fields; now you can have your own mini-version! The 50-bushel RSV mini gravity-wagon is perfect for storing or dispensing feed or grain. It can even be used to dispense feed for wildlife; simply crack open the door and pull the wagon along a field-edge or down a path, leaving a trail of grain for wildlife to consume


RSV Utility Wagon

  The RSV Utility Wagon might become the most-used implement on your property. It is built on 2-ton running gears and the bed measures a full 4’10”x 8’ for hauling feed, firewood, deer stands, harvested game or anything else you can imagine. Convenient stake pockets allow you to attach sides of whatever height you choose for your particular use. This wagon is the perfect size for pulling behind a small utility tractor or UTV and travels easily along narrow woods paths or tight spots around the farm. Multiple wagons can even be hitched together and pulled at once saving you time when working on your projects

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                       We are looking for dealers to carry our products. 

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